We just Can’t Afford Another Tax

In an economy that has been struggling for so long, facing financial difficulty has become an unfortunate reality for many seniors and families. And instead of helping us, our local politicians want to raise taxes
to cover more government
spending projects, adding
yet another expense that
we can’t afford.

Ordinance No. 6 Does Not Make Sense

If increasing our tax burden isn’t bad enough, Ordinance No. 6 will also hurt our economy. Funding from an increase on our earned income taxes will be used by the township to fund purchasing land development rights, discouraging potential economic growth. It just doesn’t make sense.

In fact, new development not only provides new tax revenues for municipalities, but it also provides economic stimulus through job creation. For example, a 100 single-family home project can generate the following for our region (please see full economic impact studies below):

Year one:
  • $30 million in local income and tax revenue
  • 431 local jobs
  • $5 million in local income and tax revenue
  • 66 jobs

Without these increased revenues and economic development, we worry that property owners could face rising property taxes in the future, as costs presumably will continue to rise.

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Additional Resources:

Check out these additional studies from the National Association of Home Builders showing that over time, development projects increase revenues.

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