Ordinance No. 6: Yet Another Tax

While Ordinance No. 6 is only a tax increase of 0.1% on Earned Income Tax, it’s yet another tax that’s adding up on residents of Silver Spring. Now more than ever, we need to lighten the burden on our residents, not make it worse. Politicians are calling this a "temporary" tax, but we all know there is no such thing. By their own admission, this tax could be renewed every single year!

Why Are Our TWP Politicians Trying to Reach Into Your Pockets?!

The taxes collected through Ordinance No. 6 won’t go to services. They won’t go to schools. They won’t help improve your quality of life. Instead, the taxes collected will go to land preservation, which could let bureaucrats hold down economic growth and job creation. And, with depressed economic growth, all residents could see their property taxes rise in the future.

This new tax will cost you. And it could cost our community even more.

On November 5th, Vote No on Ordinance No. 6!

Read the Ordinance No. 6 Referendum Language